Self-Hypnosis a how to guide
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Self-Hypnosis, why is that?
You want to lose your weight, you have used the best weight loss techniques on the internet, and offline without results; you want to have the best diet, how? You want to lose your smoking habit. You want increase your self esteem. You want to tackle your life, your anxieties, and your problems. What is the best solution for all this? I would say, self-hypnosis. How? Read on.
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You have seen people getting hypnotized; you have seen it in Dracula, when Mina Harker was put into trance, when she was starting to acquire the obnoxious count, by the great Professor Van Helsing and gave the directions as to where the count Dracula was heading; you have seen it in real life, as treatment to a million psychological disorders including the dissociative identity, schizophrenia etc; you have seen it as valuable tool to gather evidence in famed criminal cases. It is, in fact, one great invention that mankind holds, with practically far reaching ramifications.
Hypnosis is a state of consciousness of the brain, in which the conscious and subconscious regions of the brain are interactive at the same time, keeping the subject in a state of trance, and open to positive suggestions. Positive suggestions in the sense, you could make the subject throw away a harmful habit (s)he has. You can instill good character and mindset to the people; and you can generate affection, hatred or a neutral feeling toward anything. In essence, this versatile psychological tool can work out miracles for you.
The requirements and the process:
First, you have to have a calm and serene atmosphere, where you are not going to be disturbed for another hour. Now, please also try to have a comfortable position, and away from any kind of movements. Also, it is desirable if there is no noise.
Have some background music played (without lyrics, just music). The music has to be very low and serene. And hip hop, rock, and rap are not preferred. It has to be absolutely low, and monotonous.
Now, have a point on the ceiling or anywhere you can look without much effort, and stare at the point, fix your eye and make no movement whatsoever. Have nothing come to your mind, and take five to ten deep breaths. Now, optionally you can count on each breath. That would put your brain out of a state of thought. While doing the counting, you have to relax your body, from the head to the toes. Try to feel that your eyelids are drooping and heavy.
Once you are fully relaxed, and feeling like floating, you can tell yourself this phrase: “I can become more self-reliant each time I do this process.” Chant this phrase or any other positive phrase. You are giving your brain, suggestions. You can write your own phrases, and ask the Subconscious to do it. You can tell your brain to stop the bad habit you are having, or anything similar. Chant this phrase a few times, and then you can come back to conscious state.
Please repeat these steps everyday. At first it would be a tedious process, or it would look like one. But as the time goes by, you will automatically go to the trance easily, and in less time.
This is just an introduction to the process of self hypnosis, and you can have a better understanding of the process from the following links, which can give you resources from the internet on this deep subject.